PREGAME. R&B Expansion Pack.

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What is PREGAME: R&B Expansion Pack?

PREGAME: R&B Expansion Pack is an opinionated trivia game for people who love to debate R&B music (mostly 90s R&B). Unlike our fact-based R&B games, the PREGAME R&B Expansion Pack is certain to have you and your friends debating your favorite R&B groups/songs, singing R&B songs in unison, and arguing over the greatest R&B albums. 

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a gold card, and everybody answers with a black A, B, C, or D card.

Example: Which one of the following is the better R&B album...

A. Confessions by Usher B. Emotional by Carl Thomas C. Where I Wanna Be by Donell Jones D. by R. Kelly


  • 54 new cards you can add to the 'PREGAME: ORIGINAL EDITION' deck
  • 52 Opinionated Question Cards and 2 Action Cards
  • Download our BRAND NEW 'How To Keep Score' free ebook
  • Add to the Original Edition of PREGAME.