Martin Trivia: The New Expansion Pack

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What is Martin Trivia: The New Expansion Pack?

Martin Trivia: The Expansion Pack is 90 more fact-based questions for the hardcore Martin fans. This game is the perfect add-on to our Martin Trivia: Deluxe Edition and sure to have everybody at your game night laughing, quoting their favorite lines, all while trying to prove they're 'Stompin' With The Big Dogs' in Martin Trivia

This game is easy to play. Each round, one player asks a question from one of the black Martin Trivia cards, and everyone else answers with either W, Z, U, or P.

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  • 90 fact-based questions
  • Redesigned box (Base and Cover)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Easy, Medium, and Hard Difficulty
  • This game is the perfect add-on to play with all of the games in The Trivia Library

*NOTE* If you purchased our Martin Trivia: Original Edition, Martin Trivia: Expansion Edition, and/or Martin Trivia: Bonus Pack we recommend you don't purchase this game because we combined those 3 games to make this game. ALSO, THE QUESTIONS FROM THIS GAME IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM THE DELUXE EDITION (NO DUPLICATES).

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