Martin Trivia: The Deluxe Edition

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What is Martin Trivia: The Deluxe Edition?

Martin Trivia: The Deluxe Edition is a fact-based trivia game based on the 90s TV Show Martin. Unlike those knockoff Martin Trivia games on the market, this Martin Trivia game will not only test your knowledge but it will have you and your friends quoting lines from the show, reenacting scenes, and laughing all night.

This game is easy to play. Each round, one player asks a question from one of the colorful Martin Trivia cards, and everyone else answers either W, Z, U, or P. 



  • 126 questions
  • Download Free Instruction Ebook
  • Redesigned box (Base and Cover)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty 
  • This game is the perfect add-on to play with all of the games in The Trivia Library

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