Category Feud!

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What is Category Feud?

Category Feud! is a hybrid of Jeopardy! and Family Feud. Unlike most trivia games you've played before, Category Feud is sure to test your pop culture knowledge ranging from TV Shows, Rap Music, Black Cinema, etc.

This game is simple. Break the group into 2 teams. Each round, one player from the selecting team chooses a category and dollar value (like Jeopardy), if the player gets it right, give them the card with the dollar amount, if they get it wrong, the team gets one strike. The team keeps going until they get 3 strikes (like Family Feud) then it's the other teams turn.

Example: You - "TV SHOW THEME SONGS FOR $800"


  • 126 cards (21 categories)
  • Instructions included
  • New box design (cover and base)

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