90s R&B Vol. 2: The Playlist eBook

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Our "90s R&B Trivia Vol. 2: The Playlist" is not only a trivia game but it's also a 54 song playlist based on the 54 questions in the deck. Our 90s trivia games are very popular so we wanted to add to your experience by adding a playlist you can listen to while you play "The Playlist" version of our 90s R&B game. Both of the R&B games are brand new recreated games. 

You can download the entire playlist to your iTunes with the link below. If you don't have an iPhone with iTunes then we added each song from the playlist in the ebook. 


Download the the iTunes playlist here ---> 90s R&B Vol. 2: The Playlist

Add ebook to card to download the full ebook.



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