PREGAME. Martin Trivia Expansion Pack.

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What is PREGAME: Martin Trivia Expansion Pack?

PREGAME: Martin Trivia Expansion Pack is an opinionated trivia game for people who love to debate the hit 90s TV Show, Martin. Unlike our fact-based Martin Trivia games, PREGAME: Martin Trivia Expansion Pack is certain to have you and your friends debating your favorite characters from Martin, your favorite episodes, your favorite quotes from the show Martin, etc.

This expansion pack will take your game night to another level with debates, quoting lines from Martin, and reenacting scenes from the show.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a gold card, and everybody answers with a black A, B, C, or D card.

Example: Which one of the following characters on Martin was the most underrated?... A. Rev. Leon Lonnie Love B. Bruh Man C. Ms. Geri D. Hu$tleman


  • 54 new cards you can add to your deck of PREGAME 'Original Edition'
  • 43 Opinionated Question Cards, 4 drinking cards, 4 Safe Cards, and 3 Action Cards
  • Download our BRAND NEW 'How To Keep Score' free ebook
  • Add to the Original Edition of PREGAME.
  • If you purchased our 'Martin Exclusive Edition' please do not purchase this game as it has duplicate questions!