What is Cards For The Culture?

Cards For The Culture aka #TheTriviaLibrary is a collection of trivia games based on pop culture. Unlike most of the trivia games you've played before, Cards For The Culture will bring you and your friends together and have your game nights lit as f*ck.

Are you tired of games nights where people are on their phone and not engaged? Well head on over to our Trivia Library and add some trivia games that will not only bring people together but have your friends and family engaged.

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What are Culturally Awkward Cards?

Culturally Awkward Cards is an unfiltered card game for you and your shady ass friends (the culture). Your next game night just got rude, offensive, and shady.

 This game is so easy Ice JJ Fish can do it. Each round, one player, known as the 'Card Cracker' reads from one of the colored fill-in-the-blank celebrity quote cards, and everyone else answers with their best black card. The 'Card Cracker' picks the card he/she dislikes the most and slaps (not literally) the person who chose it with a white Culturally Awkward Card.

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About our games

  • Opinion-based trivia games

    Our opinion-based trivia games like PREGAME and Trap Trivia will bring you and your friends together for a long and fun night of debating your favorite TV Shows, quoting lines from your favorite movies, rapping lyrics to your favorite songs, etc all while having a few drinks (optional). If you're tired of game nights

  • Fact-based trivia games

    Our fact-based games like Martin Trivia: The Deluxe Edition and the TV Show Big Box Edition will not only bring you and your friends together for a night of fun trivia, they will test everyone's knowledge to see who's the most knowledgeable about your favorite TV Shows, Movies, R&B Songs, etc.

  • Our Games

    The goal of our trivia games is to bring people together, increase the engagement/interaction during game night and help you create memorable experiences with your friends and family. 



Are y'all black owned?

Of course we are! 

Are you brining back 'A Different World' and 'Fresh Prince' trivia games?

Yes! Don't tell anybody but if you want them just email us at cftc@cardsfortheculture.co(not .com) and we'll hook it up like it ain't no thang.

Where can I get the Martin Themed Clothing?

All of our Martin Themed Clothing can be found at republicandcompany.co

Can we get a discount?

Honestly, we don't really give out discounts because we are a new business and it's impossible for us to grow and decrease our price per unit if we give discounts all the time.

Why are y'all so expensive?

You got a few seconds? The reason why our prices are "high" is because we don't have rich parents or 40K sitting around to buy overhead. As a new business we have to pay a higher price per unit, which means we have to charge a little more so we can make a profit.

What if I notice a typo or error?

Great question! Don't be petty and put us on blast on social media. We make mistakes! Just send us an email and let us know so we can correct it and of course we'll give you your money back.

What's the hardest part of owning a business?

The hardest part is feeling like we have ZERO room for error. It's tough waking up knowing people will curse us out or give us a hard time about mostly things we can't control. Be patient with us. We are all first generation business owners and learning on the fly *fist in the air*.

How do I know I can trust your brand?

Ha! I'd say, just go to our instagram @republicandcompany or @thetrivialibrary and read through the comments. We've also had Charlamagne Tha God post our games numerous times, NBA Superstar Chris Paul has posted our games, Baller Alert, Blavity, etc... We are definitely a brand you can trust.

What game(s) do you guys recommend for first time buyers?

Amazing question! It really depends but we'd say, the whole PREGAME Collection (or just the Original Edition). PREGAME is an opinionated/debate game that will turn complete strangers into either best friends or frenemies. Either way, the interaction and engagement will have your game night lit as f*ck.

But we'd also say, if you love Martin, get Martin Trivia. 

Does Martin Lawrence know about the Martin Trivia Game(s)?

Of course he does! He actually has all the games :).

Why don't your games come with instructions?

Some of our games do come with instructions. The reason some don't is because it makes the cost per unit go up a couple dollars which means we'd have to charge more. We felt like it was better to create an ebook you can download for free. It saves us all money. 

Plus with our fact-based games, it's a bunch of ways you can play and it would be impossible to add them all to instructions.

How long does it take to ship?

We ship next day! If you order before 12:00 pm CST, we'll ship the same day. It normally takes 2-3 days to receive your package. Our fulfillment center doesn't ship on the weekends :(